About Me

My Philosophy

I believe many small businesses are doing fantastically well, but their owners have no record to show would be investors when it’s time for that “big breakthrough”.

Making them lose out of major deals that would have given their businesses an exponential growth it trully deserves.

Business success can be structured, measured, and achieved intentionally with consistent and sufficient accounting principles and methods. Accounting is a very essential tool that protects your business from unnecessary tax liability.
The overall health of your business can be revealed in accounting more so than any other aspect of a business.

My Methods
My methods are deeply rooted in the experiential understanding of what the benefits of accounting are, not because I am an accountant but because I’m also an entrepreneur that has managed a small business myself.

My Goal
My goal is to help at least 500 businesses create a sound outstanding of accounting systems. That which give their owners peace of mind to monitor their businesses from anywhere they are in the world. I want to protect your business profits from taxes, relieve you of mundane financial management, and motivate you to collate the necessary data that you need to lead in your industry; so that you can become a force to reckon with in your chosen field.

My Mission

My mission is to equip traditional accountants with the skills they need to launch their own Virtual Accounting business, attract well-paying clients, and deliver excellent solutions from the comfort of their homes in 30 days or less!

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